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Education is the right of all nations. Education is a human right. Whatever hinders the educational process so as not performing well, it violates human rights. This means that all the limitations that could hinder the educational process should we lose. And Indosat Ooredoo determined to eliminate these limitations

Global competition today is inseparable from the digital revolution. The digital revolution will change the face of Indonesia and opened the doors of new opportunities that will narrow the economic gaps. Digitial revolution depends on intellectuals-young scholars who master digital technology.

To create competitive human, we need qualified education. So Yayasan Cendekia Milenia exist to help millenials ready to facing digital world, and taking best opportunity to reach the best achievement in digital. Through education and knowledge, Millenial Generation participated to develop telecommunication industry in Indonesia, and global in general. This is align with our vision : open the door to Millenial Generation to expanding their horizon in telecommunication industry.

We do hope, MIllenials can be utilizing this good opportunity and reach your success with Yayasan Cendekia Milenia.

About Yayasan Cendekia Milenia

A social foundation owned by Indosat Ooredoo, was established in 2013, founded by Indosat Ooredoo Board Managements as a social organization for the public society focusing on education.

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