YCM Beneficiaries 2014

  • M. Abdul Ghofur
    M. Abdul Ghofur

    Magister Manajemen Teknologi - ITS

    Start with a strong will and courage to demand a high science. Many benefits of the knowledge gained during the first semester. Prepare your best material for the selection and to achieve a better future. Thanks YCI.

  • Teguh Kurniawan
    Teguh Kurniawan

    Magister Manajemen – Binus Business School

    Grateful to get YCM scholarship to continue my study in BINUS Business School. Courses in English, international curriculum, and CEO Talk is a thing that I wait. With the knowledge that I have mastered and knowledge management business gained from the MM program helped me in the career and the company's progress

  • Meiteor Novembri
    Meiteor Novembri

    Magister Manajemen – Universitas Mercubuana

    It used to be able to take the S2 level was just a dream, because the first priority is the children's education expenses. Thanks and God bless, YCM gives an opportunity to continue formal education, now the dream has become a reality. Love being able to compete with beloved children to go to school and learning together at home.

  • Yudhi Hadiwibowo
    Yudhi Hadiwibowo

    Magister Manajemen Eksekutif – PPM

    To be a leader. Intellectual, emotional, spiritual quotient need to be balanced. My reason continue S2 to broaden horizons and knowledge, sharing with colleagues at the college, and expand networking. Tips for the applicant is to have a clear plan of study

  • Andhi Harjono
    Andhi Harjono

    Magister Manajemen Pemasaran – STIE Mandala Jember

    After 14 years of a career in engineering, last year I got a new challenge becomes Cluster Sales Manager. Alhamdulillah, thanks to YCM scholarship I can continue S2, so that makes me more confident to conquer new challenges

  • Luky Kurniawan
    Luky Kurniawan

    Manajemen Strategi Korporasi – Universitas Indonesia

    S2 study experience is useful to improve the competence, learn new things and expand networking. Following the scholarship selection YCM, testing my confidence and courage myself to be different. After that, do not forget to come to realize the best idea after graduation

  • R. Samuel Ryan
    R. Samuel Ryan

    Magister Manajemen - Universitas Indonesia

    Allow me to continue higher education. An opportunity to discuss with various academics. Also received insights concerning future business opportunities including telecommunications

  • Yoevi Sanjaya
    Yoevi Sanjaya

    Manajemen - Universitas Trilogi

    Scholarship Yayasan Cendekia Indosat adds to my motivation in working. With a passion to be the best, rest assured you can also win scholarships YCI.

YCM Beneficiaries 2013

  • Fauzi Ridwansyah
    Fauzi Ridwansyah

    Magister Pemasaran – PPM Manajemen

    YCM help realize one of my life dreams in reaching higher education. The selection process challenging and fair, anyone can come, fight, and win. Hopefully this scholarship program is ongoing and increasing the amount of quota as well as to the S3 level. Good luck YCM

  • Freidrik Nainggolan
    Freidrik Nainggolan

    Magister Manajemen - PPM

    Thank you YCM for the scholarship. The trasnparent selection process has given fair and wide oppurtunities for everyone. YCM scholarship is very useful and has motivated me to complete my post graduation in time

  • Jeremiah Ratadhi
    Jeremiah Ratadhi

    Magister Manajemen – Universitas Indonesia

    YCM scholarships provide an opportunity to continue studies S2 at the Faculty of Economics, University of Indonesia. YCM contribute to the development of human resources competence in Indonesia. Study S2 provides a framework and a new angle in the business world and the company's operations through class discussions with practitioners and students from diverse backgrounds

  • Bani Handa
    Bani Handa

    Magister Pemasaran – PPM Manajemen

    Thanks to a scholarship YCI, I managed to take the S2 in PPM and got achievements in my office. Prepare your best ideas and do not miss this opportunity. Maybe you were the next

  • Arie Andrian
    Arie Andrian

    Teknik Komunikasi – ISTN Cikini

    YCI respect ideas and notion that you have. Take the oppurtinity to achieve your goals higher with YCI scholarship. Good luck Yayasan Cendekia Indosat.

  • Boy Boris
    Boy Boris

    Magister Business Administration - ITB

    YCI help me financially to continue my MBA studies. Study & Scholarship YCI is an investment for a better future. Honest, sincere, and action are tips to successfully get a scholarship at YCI.

  • Gezang Putri
    Gezang Putri

    Magister Manajemen Teknologi - ITS

    YCM Scholarship is useful for my personal and professional career development. Prepared yourself for the next YCM Scholarship oppurtunities and don't miss the chance

  • Kelik Purnomo
    Kelik Purnomo

    Magister Manajemen - ITS

    I love the atmosphere of the campus, there is always a new knowledge and theme. I had long wanted to go back to college, but was delayed because of the cost. Thank God for the YCM scholarship I can realize my dream. Thanks YCM, I can go to school again

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