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Info & Requirement - Scholarship

Scholarship Selection Process Working together with prominent educational consultant (PPM) & involving the donors, YCI held selection process for the scholarship in year 2013 – 2015.

There are total of 698 applicants, 565 from internal and 133 from public.
Up to date, The foundation has given scholarship to total 30 beneficiaries:
3 Scholarships for bachelor degree
25 Scholarships for master degree
2 Special Scholarships Program for bachelor degree in Business Administration Program and individual research training in Tohoku University of Japan

The scholarship tuition fees up to Rp 20 million for Diploma degree, up to Rp 60 million for Bachelor degree & Rp 80 million for master degree. It is paid in every semester. The scholarship recipients are required to submit their study result (diploma & bachelor program for GPA min 3.00 & 3.25 for master program) to be entitled for the next semester tuition.

The beneficiaries take the degree in prominent University i.e. University of Indonesia, ITB, UGM, ITS, IPB, Tohoku University of Japan, PPM Manajemen, Bina Nusantara, Mercu Buana, Universitas Trilogi, STIE Mandala, ISTN Cikini.

Application scholarship program 2017 we will open up to 3 February 2017

Requirement for scholarship applicants:
  1. Have a passion in the field of digital and ICT
  2. Active in social media
  3. Max age 35
  4. The intended College had accreditation A
  5. Do not have a Bachelor's degree for Bachelor applicant and do not have a title Master for Master applicant
  6. Fill in the application form

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