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Hai Millenials

YCM incoorporation with Storial will be holding writing workshop for the second time.

This event will be held at Saturday, 17 Dec 2016 (Venue : Indosat Ooredoo’s headquarter – 2nd floor)

This time we will learn together and sharing with Windy Ariestanty. She is a book editor. She has been editor for Raditya Dika’s books such as Kambing Jantan, Babi Ngesot, Manusia Setengah Salmon, and Marmut Merah Jambu.

Registration fee : IDR 300.000

Audience limited for only 50 people.

See you!!


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Kamu punya adik, saudara, sepupu yang masih SD?

Let them know about this challenging competition "Coding Class School Break". We will learn about coding.
Dengan menginvestasikan Rp 1.150.000 untuk mengikuti kompetisi ini, 25% dari biaya investasi akan diberikan kepada adik2 kita siswa SD kurang mampu.
Untuk informasi & pendaftaran kamu bisa scan barcode yg tertera si flyer atau klik

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This program intent to prepare Millenials ready to facing digital world, Yayasan Cendekia Milenia hold many workshop related to ICT. This workshop involve best speaker consist of ICT experts.

You may join this program, if this program opened by filling this form.
Our Next Coming Workshop:
Our next coming workshop is "How to Build Technology Start Up", would be held at 24th September 2016. This program is intended to young ICTers who wants to gain their start up business.

Our Previous Workshop:
#YCMStorialNgabuburit has been held at Jakarta,
26th June 2016.

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